Free Will, Big Power to Make a Difference

The power of making good choices

What is will power? It is the power to make good choices, and with them, to make people happy, solve problems, overcome challenges, reach goals, and create beauty. We need strong will to cooperate well, to be part of a team—and also to take risks, defy convention, and beat the odds. Will is powerful! No need to wonder how to make a difference in the world—only to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

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Good Will

Aligned with true heart, free will can create heaven on Earth.

By misusing will power, we’ve given will a bad name. But strong will doesn’t have to spell trouble (like being at odds with those around you, or selfishly trying to get what you want, etc.). We have free will —and that means we’re free to choose how we use it. Will becomes a powerful force for good when harnessed to beautiful purposes. You can use your free will to make someone happy, fight for what’s right, build a house, conquer challenges. Good!

Will to love. It takes lots of will to create and sustain a loving intimacy. Love itself takes will. Understanding takes will. Both partners in a couple need to assert their will with strong intention and passion to satisfy each other’s hearts. Isn’t that true?

Will to cooperate. To work well, any form of human relationship must be freely cooperative. For example, effective teamwork is only and always an act of will, not halfhearted compliance. On a sports team, players exert strong personal will to cooperate with their teammates and do what’s needed. That’s what it means to be a team player — we don’t lethargically go with the flow; we bring our will, our heart, and throw our whole selves in.

In business, in relationships, in human associations of any kind, it takes will to dance with the needs of others, will to serve, will to give your all. Clearly, moving harmoniously with life and getting along with others doesn’t require leaving your will behind. On the contrary... Bring it! Bring your soul, bring your heart. The world needs your good will, your great soul and heart.

The power of free will. Free will makes wonderful things possible—things we wouldn’t want to live without. For example, with your free will you can choose to love someone and be with them. And they can freely choose to love you back. So much better than if they loved you because they had to, don’t you agree?

Free will choices bear fruit. With every choice we creatively affect our lives and the lives of others. And that is true both of what we do and what we don’t do (or won’t do). Like choosing to apologize or not, to pay attention or not. To try, or not.

You know it: Free will has so much power that every single choice we make either helps or hinders, hurts or heals, gives or takes away. Yes, it’s a big responsibility — but it’s ours whether we want it or not. And after all, isn’t that what you want—to make a difference? Friends, with our wills and won’ts, we can create heaven or hell. Let’s choose wisely!


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