Our Divine Human Nature

What does it mean to be human?

Humanness, what does it mean? Not what we think—we so misunderstand ourselves as human beings! We associate human nature with human weakness, with human flaws. We harshly judge even our most exquisite human qualities. If we would be more fully human, more freely expressed, the world would be blessed. Being human includes tremendous creative power, life-giving passion, and the world-saving urge for service and self-giving. Celebrate your humanity!

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If you want the greatest treasure on earth, you can find it in yourself: great untapped qualities of beauty, power, even Divinity. If we’d just be ourselves, we’d bring much life and color to this world. But too often, we judge and reject our most exquisite qualities—like passion, fragility, and need.

Look: The qualities we feel ashamed of, the ones we won’t live or give, are the crown jewels of human existence. When everyone/anyone expresses their valuable qualities, they bring God’s light, God’s gifts to the world. When we find and embrace these things in ourselves, we’ll lavish treasures on our friends and the whole world — and naturally validate these same beauties in all.


Why do we want to make a positive difference? And why would we rather do things for others than for ourselves alone? We were born to serve. Made for each other —really.

It's no sacrifice. Afraid of depletion? Don't be. Serving freely gives us energy. And inspiration. And stamina. It evaporates feelings of separateness & self-concern, and makes us fully and happy.

You have what it takes. Think you have "nothing to offer"? Everything you've got-every asset, power, ability; your tenderness, feeling, insight-could make a fine gift! You were born to give it!

We're not livin' til we're given


Passion is not a trait that some people have, and some don’t. PASSION = PERSON! Passion is what happens when anyone brings themselves — their vision, their faith, their power, their feeling —into life.

Passion brings real you to real life. A passionate heart lives in every human being, beating with inspiration, love, desire. Why deprive the world of you? Let your passion live!

Passion bring solutions to life. Passionate people live, and in living, give. Passion powers all our contributions to life. It has the energy to create change, to heal, to uplift! And thereby save lives.

No one's UNpassionate, just suppressed


Your creative power. We humans have far more creative power than we know. We create joy or disappointment (in ourselves and others) every day. We make people laugh or cry with a word; thrill or chill with a look. To improve your effects, improve your intentions: do it for love. THAT works.

Not the creative type? Don’t be silly, you’re God’s child. Creativity runs in the family!

Your creative sensitivity. All of God’s children have the impulse to create beauty and the sensitivity to succeed at it. Like that red flower you stuck in the bouquet at the last minute. Excellent choice!

You can underestimate your creative power, but not reduce it



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