What Is True Love?

The true meaning of love

What is love? Love is the most precious thing in the world—love is what everyone wants most. Love heals the beloved and the lover. Love makes people happy. Love gives us a reason to live and something valuable to give. This world misunderstands love, but your heart recognizes true love like a baby recognizes its mother. Study what love is, master the art of loving, so you can be the solution this world needs.

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Love Is

Love is giving to other hearts what our own heart longs for, and would truly value.

Love sees. Love recognizes the goodness in the beloved and won’t fail to appreciate it. Love feels. Understands. Commits. Love is reliable, not whimsical. Love gives.

Love is unselfish. Love is for the beloved. Love is the intention to make loved ones happy, to bring out the best in them, to free them from suffering. Love works.

Love comes from God—and love is God (as “God is love”). Therefore, love has all
of God’s Divine qualities and intentions. And, the more you love, the closer you feel to God, to others, and to your own true, ever-loving self—because you are love.

How love benefits everyone

Imagine a mother feeding her baby: The tenderness of her being, the care she pours on the baby nourishes its heart. And she herself is blessed by the child’s receptivity, trust, and sweetness. Their circle of love feeds them both.

What love would do

Love, sincerely and generously lived, would solve the problems on this planet. It would heal sadness and loneliness, end conflict, and create beauty all around. Wholehearted love brings people to life, and makes life worth living.


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