What Is Morality?

Where does morality come from?

The true definition of morality is not based on religion, cultural norms, or social convention. True morality is based on love. Morality comes from walking a mile in another person’s shoes, taking other people into consideration. You are being moral when you follow your heart, its sublime social awareness and innate moral values. When you resist pressures and temptations, within and without, to be selfish. When you remember you are part of the whole, and be good for all.

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What is morality?

Heart Fidelity

A moral life is a high-fidelity life—a life of high fidelity to the heart. God gave you His heart, so you can trust it to steer you well. It knows what’s right and what’s wrong, and always tells you. Listen to it. Stay true to it, and you’ll stay true to all Creation and to God. Heart fidelity is the essence of morality and integrity. A moral person will stay true to their heart—what it knows and feels and demands— without regard for their own convenience.

True Freedom

To live a life of high morality we must stand free of any influence, inside or out, that runs afoul of our soul sensitivities. Including...

Outside influences: Stand free of rigid “rules” nof convention and religion; of negative people; of peer pressure; of hurtful things people do to each other. Stand free of all the ugliness you see and feel in the world.

Inside influences: Stand free of bad habits and selfish desires to indulge pleasure, dodge pain, or follow whims at others’ expense.

Right Responsibility

For Love. True morality results only from love. Love is its reason and method. And love is the only motive strong enough and true enough to overcome selfishness, habit, whimsy, social pressure, and every other cause of immorality. Love does what’s right for the sake of the beloved.

For cosmic citizenship. Most problems in this world arose from people using their creative powers in unwise, egotistical ways. But we can use our powers—our energy, abilities, intelligence, etc.—to create goodness and beauty instead. That is our right responsibility to humanity, God, and ourselves.

Staying Close to God

God is good. God is rightness and love. Therefore, to be close to God is to be open and surrendered to right- ness and love. And when you walk with God, His right and loving Heart will guide and refine you, and nourish true morality in you.

Selfishness comes from thinking we’re separate, and that “what I do doesn’t affect you.” Morality comes from admitting I’m part of a wholeness, and becoming willing to live in a way that’s good for the whole.


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