The Still Small Voice

The spiritual power of divine inspiration

If you want to help and heal, God will inspire you and empower you. Whenever love or healing or comfort is needed, the still small voice will speak through your heart, showing you what to do. God’s inner voice doesn’t necessarily speak in words—you feel it. If you follow your Divine guidance, and stay true to the idea, and to the spirit and the energy it contains, God will work through you. Let go and let God!

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The Still Small Voice

The Still Small Voice doesn’t necessarily come in words.

How God's love for people works through your love for people

It often “speaks” in heartfelt responses and spontaneous inspirations.

A person needs to be helped, loved, heartened. The desire to help arises in your heart.

With each Divine inspiration, energy rises in the body-mind—wind in your sails to help you do love’s work.

The HOW of each gift-exciting, firm, sweet, empathetic, etc.-comes with each prompting.

The Still Small Voice is God’s way to work with you. When you love, your heart opens and you become sensitive to the Still Small Voice of God within you. God’s impulses and intentions can flow freely through you then. As you give your heart in loving, God guides your steps and gives His Heart through yours.

And you know, it’s not what you do that counts, it’s the spirit of the action. After all, what good is an insincere apology, or a loveless kiss? That’s why Divine inspirations are not just ideas—they also include the energy and spirit that create good results. You can trust the Still Small Voice. As long as you work in the spirit of its promptings, love’s miracles will happen.

When you follow the Still Small Voice, remember to keep the SPIRIT in it.


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