To Be or Not to Be: Our Choices Make Us Who We Are

How to use our God-given qualities and talents

“I can’t help it, that’s just who I am,” people say. But is it true? It’s more honest to admit that we are always making character building choices. You decide: To listen to your conscience—or not. To make a commitment—or not. How to express your feelings—or not. What company you keep. Out of your infinite possibilities, your choices create your own character. So, changing your choices is how to change yourself.

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Your part in who you are - The mighty power of GoNoGo - your yes or no power

God gave us ourselves — our essential character — but we CHOOSE what we give or won’t give, live or don’t live. Everything we find inside, we give it a thumbs up or thumbs down, go or no go.

Go or No Go

We can’t really change who we are, but we can allow or disallow any of our God-given characteristics. And we do — one by one. Our knowing — embrace or dismiss? Our unique, God-given selfhood—love it or leave it? Our beautiful, overflowing feelings — express or suppress, give or withhold? That’s your mighty GO/NO GO power at work:

Your own nature is LOVING, yet you can choose to withhold the love you feel. You may feel moved to give someone a hug, but not do it. Though you have a generous and loving nature, you can decide to be stingy and cold instead. GONOGO!

Our CONSCIENCE is always speaking, but will we listen? Or will we go into denial and pretend we don’t care? GONOGO!

We’re all SENSITIVE, tuned in, connected. But — GONOGO — we can be too self-focused to be aware of people around us.

What if a person thinks they’re “too flexible,”“too surrendered,”“too caring,”“too emotional” — or “too sexual”? They might build a facade that conceals, denies, and defies

their true nature. They may decide to be less trusting, meaner, self-protective. But later in life, they may feel, “I used to be so much nicer. I don’t like who I’ve become.” Their heart objects to what they’ve done with their mighty go/no go power.

Other means of Self-Shaping

Influences. We shape ourselves partly by our choice of influences: who to hang out with, who to take to heart, who to let in. When you spend time with someone, they become part of who you are.

Thought. Surely you’ve seen it: what we think/believe changes how we feel, the color of our being, and our energy level. We choose what thoughts to steep in, creep around in, or
reject altogether. GONOGO!

How commitment over time shapes our character

It’s our commitment to our choices that makes them powerful. An athlete sculpts their body not with a one-time choice, but by exercising over time. Likewise, we sculpt our being with our ongoing commitments. If a person chooses over and over to think anxiously about things, what do they become? An anxious person. Many GONOGO choices created that.

We’re always in our formative years, being formed by our own decisions. So, when you see a beautiful person, you’re seeing not only God’s masterwork, but also a person who’s sculpted themselves by free will GONOGO choices. Makes you think, “Wow, what a great person, who would take God’s gifts and develop in this direction, into something so exquisite, charming, wonderful.”

God made you beautiful, and gave you great tools to do good and be good, but you have to vote for it, not against it. Give it a GO!


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