Five Keys for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual principles for everyday living

Here is spiritual inspiration for how to live a spiritual life every moment of the day. If you’re looking for the key to happiness and fulfillment in life, don’t forget who you are. Remember your good heart, your good intentions, and move as the spirit moves. Applying the principles explained in this card will further your spiritual growth and bring you true happiness. Take these spiritual thoughts with you wherever you go.

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Five Keys Explained

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WHO Your social persona ISN'T who you ARE. And ANY self-image, good or bad, hides and limits YOU. SO much better to be the vast, beautiful, free person you ARE.

WHAT Destiny is made of choices. In choosing what to DO, what to ALLOW, what to THINK, and what to BELIEVE, we create our fate and our impact on others.

WHY Good intentions are supported, by God! So reject selfish/bad intentions, and cultivate beautiful ones. The ones that feel like nectar will heal like heaven.

WHEN Your own heart, along with the still small voice of Divine Prompting, has many inspirations to live and love by. Let go, let flow. Live and give by heart now.

HOW Living for oneself, as a tiny me-ness, sucks. We all need a big We-ness to live in and from. Size matters! "1 + 1 = 4." "United we stand, divided we fall." You know.