Five Keys for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual principles for everyday living

Here is spiritual inspiration for how to live a spiritual life every moment of the day. If you’re looking for the key to happiness and fulfillment in life, don’t forget who you are. Remember your good heart, your good intentions, and move as the spirit moves. Applying the principles explained in this card will further your spiritual growth and bring you true happiness. Take these spiritual thoughts with you wherever you go.

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Five Keys to Spiritual Fulfillment

WHO Have/hold/be your true Self identity. Reject persona & self "improvement."

WHAT Use your power of choice wisely: Just say NO to what's problematic, and YES to what's beautiful. Choose!

WHY Have/hold heart-good INTENTIONS for Divine Wind-Energy-Power-Guidance.

WHEN Move WHEN the Spirit moves, and WHEN your heart is inspired. Move AS Spirit/heart moves (in that spirit).

HOW Live/love/act/be in the Spirit of WE with your earthly & Celestial friends.


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