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Spiritual transformation through love

What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of life? Love gives life meaning. In loving we find personal fulfillment. But, because love requires us to think, feel, give, and make good choices for people we love, not just for ourselves—we’re afraid of love. Too sad! Following ego fears and resisting the requirements of love slows down our personal growth and spiritual evolution. Follow your heart instead. Spiritual maturity comes naturally when you love.

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Loving Our Way to Heaven, Continued

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...enthusiasm for the prospects of a loving life, they will plunge off that high place of clear vision down to painful depths of unconsciousness, and go back to feeling alienated from themselves, others, and all of life. From that alienated position, one’s responsibilities seem fewer, and less compelling.

Nonetheless, in reality, all children love to grow. When they see the freedoms and possibilities inherent in every new opportunity, in learning to be an effective, contributing member of society, they feel excited, empowered. Considering all the good that they want to do for their loved ones, they are motivated. They feel encouraged, recognizing their inherent talents and latent abilities, which need only conscious, loving practice to gain mastery.

When life education is embraced by our own true heart with its gregarious inspiration to serve, we move quickly from the desire to remain a child into the desire to fulfill our loved ones responsibly. This is natural evolution. It is the natural response and responsibility of the heart of every child of God.

As we grow, we become more and more unified with God, and also more compassionately understanding of others. We identify with all the setbacks, mindsets, choices, and perceived limitations of those behind us, in places we’ve been and moved beyond. We also have an ever-growing respect and love for those ahead of us who embody the values of the heart. Such is the nature of growth.

As we step into our larger shoes and love, learn, and grow, our true reverence grows, and our relationship with God grows. It deepens into a true love. As we recognize our own ability, and see the humanity’s ability to fulfill each other, we come to know God. We become reverent toward God with increasing vulnerability and heart-touched appreciation for the perfection God instilled in each of us and the inherent talent we possess as individuals, and as groups, to fulfill the hearts and needs all around. And, as we come to know Him by our true recognition of His creation, we love Him more. We become more receptive to Him, and better able to serve His purposes, which we love and identify with profoundly. But for most, there is a very long childhood, because of the resistance to stepping into the next levels of love, life, and responsibility. People tell themselves a lot of lies that serve to stunt the natural growth into adulthood, and inhibit the natural enthusiasm for the next step.

Natural, speedy growth comes with challenges, inspirations, revelations, setbacks, learning curves — all kinds of things — and it is full of life. If you look at any of those who have embraced a life of love, you see this. It is not stagnant, and it is not overly painful. It is delightful, beautifully deepening, challenging, inspiring, and unifying with One and all.

May we all embrace the life of love we were born for.

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