With great power comes great responsibility

How to make the world a better place

We always make a difference, but if we want it to be a good difference, we must learn to use our power well and wisely. Take responsibility for being the powerful person you are. Notice how you are impacting your world and creating your reality. Stop blaming others for what you’ve created with your expectations, attitudes, actions. Be aware of your intentions and effect on others. And experience the great power you have to make the world a better place.

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Using power well & wisely

There’s no such thing as a powerless person—only one who has suppressed, denied, or misused their power.

Here are five tips for using power well:

1. OWN YOUR POWER. Many people don’t want to know their own power, because they don’t want to take responsibility for how much they affect others. When we’ve made a mess or hurt someone, we may prefer to go into denial or blame. For example: a man hurts his wife’s feelings but won’t admit he made her sad, so he complains that she’s “moody.” The problem is, if you deny your impact on others, you end up believing you have no power. You feel like a victim of others, the world, God; “unable” to make things better. Not true!

Take responsibility for your power. When you miscreate, say, “Wow, I did that, but I’ll do better next time”—and use your power more wisely, beneficially, beautifully thereafter.

We’re powerful beings, but often we’re unaware of what we’re creating, or how we’re creating it: A woman with a bad attitude alienates everyone she meets, then can’t understand why people don’t like her. A man gives flowers in an insecure, fearful spirit, and it turns the girl off. Most of our power is not in what we do, but in how we feel and think. If we‘d recognize the power of our thoughts, attitudes, and intentions, and take responsibility for them, we could use our power to create beauty—on purpose.

3. EXERCISE YOUR POWER BENEFICIALLY. We’re always creating. When we feel “powerless,” it’s because we don’t like what we’re creating. Perhaps we’re lonely, because we push people away. Perhaps we love music, but we’re too undisciplined to learn to play. Perhaps we lose our temper too fast, and apologize too slow. When we use our power foolishly, thoughtlessly, insensitively, we don’t create the life we want.

Everyone has the heart and sensitivity to create sweet relationships and live beautifully. If you feel powerless, most likely you haven’t used your powers well and wisely enough.

4. BEWARE OF USING POWER SELFISHLY. People think power is about being the boss, getting what you want, etc. But when you’re too much about you, you conflict with everyone else. For example: people who don’t cooperate with others end up feeling powerless, because no one will cooperate with them. Selfishness makes you ineffective, because you can’t work well with people, support good relation- ships, gain loyalty and trust, etc. Love makes you effective, because people respond to love, they are moved and healed by it. A lover earns people’s loyalty and cooperation.

5. SUPERCHARGE YOUR POWER—WITH HEART. Only a heart purpose fills and fulfills you. If you pursue selfish goals, you may “succeed,” but still feel empty and powerless
—like the man who made a fortune, but wonders what good his life was. When you align your will with love and good purposes, you feel strong because you are contributing positively to life. The wind of Life moves through you, bringing creative energy, inspired thought, and beauty to life.


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