Your Personal and Spiritual Power

You’ve got the power

Feeling powerless? You’re not. You’re always having an effect on people, always impacting your world. Your personal power is tremendous! You can make someone happy or sad, with a word, with a glance. That’s spiritual power! Think of the power of belief. Conviction. Expectation. Persistence. Togetherness. Sincerity. Enthusiasm. Commitment. Love. All of these are spiritual powers. You don’t need money, fame, status to be powerful. You have great powers at your command, as you are.

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Being a person means having enormous power—even in our words, our glances. We each impact our world tremendously. For example, you can make someone’s day with a simple word of appreciation, or ruin it with a disgusted look. A man comes home in a bad mood. He doesn’t need to say anything; his wife feels it, and a cloud of gloom falls over their home. We can use our power to make people happy, too. We can uplift with a smile or a touch; inspire-heal-love with an encouraging word. We can surprise and delight! We are powerful.

Seeing how much impact we have, we may try to escape responsibility by withdrawing from life, and “not doing anything.” But even not participating has huge effects: Someone screams for help; no one responds. A husband neglects his wife; she leaves him. “I didn’t do anything!” he cries. True! But how harmful “not doing” can be.

To know your own power and use it compassionately is love—it is true humanity. Love says, “I don’t want to hurt you carelessly.” Imagine if you gave your all to loving people, how much it would change their lives and yours. We all have that power at our fingertips.

Many think they’re powerless because they don’t get what they want. Horsefeathers! We all have huge poers, regardless of wealth, skill, or status. Here are a few:

CONVICTION: Expectation, assumption, belief.
We create what we expect. You can wreck a relationship with distrust, or build it up with good expectations. How do you feel if someone considers you worthless? Or what if they expect greatness of you? Conviction matters!

COMMITMENT: Loyalty, dedication, persistence, effort. The power to work, to get things done, overcome challenges. To discipline oneself, develop skills, break bad habits or create good ones. In relationship, commitment heals hearts, builds trust, and makes love last.

HUMANITY: Passion, emotion, vulnerability, cuteness.
We all hold keys that open hearts: Feeling. Fragility. Enthusiasm. Moxie. Desire. Humor—laughter heals in seconds! An authentic out-of-the-box person uplifts and delights... because we’re all inspired by true, raw humanity.

LOVE: Care, nurturing, empathy, recognition.
Your heart is the greatest power you have, because in this crazy world, nearly everyone is desperately crying for love. We have the power of forgiveness, which heals and revives. The power to be sincere and open-hearted—what a gem! The power of recognition—to bring out the best in people by seeing, understanding, and appreciating them. So give your heart, and watch people come back to life!

TOGETHERNESS: Resonance, agreement, participation. There is power in togetherness, in agreement—wind in one’s sails. Anyone who has joined with another in a common purpose knows that. To throw yourself in wholeheartedly is a gift of great power.


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